Red Address Signs

Finding you house in a time of need is of utmost importance for First Responders. Lyons Fire Protection District recommends purchasing a highly visible, reflective, red address sign to place at the road entrance to your property to assist us in finding you. 

Please see the recommended company and ordering instructions below: 

Interstate Sign Products

Please choose the following options: 

911 Reflective signs

Individual Signs

6X18 Address Sign

On this page is the available options:

Background color: RED

Number Size: 3" or 4"

Orientation: Vertical-Offset

Address Number

Please make sure when mounting the sign it is visible at your driveway approaching from either direction on the road. If you need assistance with any aspect of ordering, mounting and/or placement of you sign, please reach out

Lyons Fire Protection District thanks you for making it easier for us to find you!