Permitting and Inspections

Plan reviews, site inspections, special event permits, and burn permits will be completed and/or issued on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions with regard to a project or currently have something in our system please direct your questions to our Fire Marshal at

Fire Inspections

Lyons Fire Protection district currently operates under the 2021 International Fire Code, 1997 Uniform Fire Code, and the 2015 Wildland Urban Interface Code. Building code requirements vary through the district depending on the county or town jurisdiction. Because our district covers three (3) government entities (Town of Lyons, Boulder County and Larimer County), there may be different code requirements based on the code adopted by the specific entity.

  • A Resolution Adopting and Amending the 2015 Edition of the International Fire Code

All applicants must follow this procedure

Any changes of use on all commercial buildings must by approved by the Fire Chief. Notifications must be sent to Businesses will not be allowed to operate without notification and approval.

A full set of construction documents created by a design professional must be submitted in an electronic PDF format and sent to The review period for plans, including remodel, new construction, residential and commercial properties, will be 15 days starting at the date of receipt by Lyons Fire Protection District. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to

Fire inspections are based upon the 2015 International Fire Code, 1997 Uniform Fire Code, and the Wildland Urban Interface Code, depending on the project’s location. Applicants should be familiar with the code pertaining to the project location prior to submitting plans. Please contact us at (303) 823-6611 to verify what code your location would be under. These codes allow the Fire Chief or his/her designee to make inspections based on a possible life safety or fire hazard issue. Some examples of the types of inspections are fire protection systems, hazardous material storage and handling, excessive overload of materials in a structure, fire exits, fire door assemblies, places of assemblies, cooking hoods and assemblies, ingress and egress of roads, fire hydrants, festivals and fairs, temporary structures, etc. Requirements for new construction outside of the Town limits:

  • Boulder County

    • A minimum of a 2400 gallon water cistern (size may increase depending on the total square footage of the structure).

    • Residential and commercial sprinkler system (with backup power).

  • Larimer County

    • A cistern may or may not be required by the building department.

    • Residential and commercial sprinkler system (with backup power).

Requirements are based on use, size and location. All cisterns are required to be inspected by the Fire Chief or his/her designee.

The district also performs a variety of complimentary non-required inspections for business owners, such as fire safety inspections, egress and access, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire apparatus turn around areas, etc.

Once everything is complete and the final inspection is done, Lyons Fire will sign off through the specific governmental entity.

*Some permits may not be subject to Fire Department fees