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Fire Chief Peter Zick

On March 25th, 2021, The Lyons Fire Protection District officially swore in Peter Zick as Lyons Fire’s new Fire Chief in a small open air and virtual ceremony that included several Town of Lyons representatives, Lyons Fire Personnel as well as representatives from our neighboring Fire Departments.  Lyons Fire Protection District Board President Paul Davidovich spoke to Pete Zick taking over the leadership role at the department. “Lyons Fire Protection District is full of dedicated, talented and enthusiastic firefighters. While this has been a very difficult year for our department, as well as first responders all over, Lyons Fire is ready to move forward and answer the call of the fire service.”

Chief Zick was officially sworn in by Judge Christen Brown and was given his Chief's pin by his family. Interim Chief Pischke, along with representatives from several other local fire departments including Hygiene Fire, Lefthand Fire and Boulder Rural, helped celebrate the transfer of command. Chief Zick thanked the Board, Lyons community, firefighters and their families for their support in Lyons moving forward.

He also took a moment to thank Interim Chief Pischke for his service. “There is one other person that deserves a huge thank you. Fire Chief Steve Pischke, who was the Interim Fire Chief before me. Your commitment, mentorship and dedication were paramount in keeping the Lyons Fire Protection District on track and moving in the right direction. On behalf of myself, and the members of the Lyons Fire Protection District, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your leadership.” Interim Chief Pischke will remain on with Lyons Fire as our Fire Marshall.

Chief Zick went on to say, “the pinning of a Fire Chief is an exciting time for any fire department. It means a change in leadership, new ideas, a new leadership style and a new vision for the future. I look forward to meeting everyone in our community and building strong relationships to make our community better, and assuring that the Lyons Fire Protection District continues to provide the best possible service to our communities.” Zick also spoke to the strength of our fire department and the importance of our community, “I will do everything in my power to build the security of trust, respect and dedication in everything that I do because I realize that those important feelings are earned, not granted. It is my goal to always build a sense of family in our department and to never let anything break that down. Our mission will always be to help any member of our fire department and always help anyone in our community. ‘Our family, helping your family’ will be my charge from this day forward.”

Assistant Chief - Steve Pischke


Deputy Chief of Operations - Rob Stumpf

Captain Josh Thompson
Captain Gregory Schrodt
Captain Bowe Herman
Captain Zach Hart
Captain Kevin Boccolucci

We are a combination fire department serving the town of Lyons, Colorado, and surrounding areas. We take pride in helping keep our community safe. Lyons Fire responds to a range of emergency incidents including: structural fire, technical rescue, search and rescue, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, natural disaster response, and wildland fires. The District has two stations where firefighters report to staff applicable apparatus for emergency response.

The primary station (Station 1) is located in the town of Lyons, and Station 2 is located near the Blue Mountain area of Larimer County. The district responds to and is aided by other nearby agencies for incidents beyond the equipment and personnel capabilities of a single district. Mutual Aid Agreements are in place, primarily for structural fires not served by fire hydrant systems, expanded wildland fire, technical rescue, and advanced life support medical services.

We aim to take on new recruits twice a year. We will be happy to answer any questions regarding when we will be reviewing applications for our next group of firefighters.