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Tobin Blythe


[cell_text]Tobin Blythe was born in Longmont, Colorado somewhere around 1992, he’s not quite sure cause he doesn’t remember that far back but thats the supposed story. For now he is a full-time student at Front Range community college heading for a Bachelors in nursing (however long that may take). He also works at Nicolos pizza for his family. He is not married or engaged or anything but time will eventually take care of that one for him hopefully! In the days that he actually has time off, he is usually outside tearing cars apart and rebuilding them; its not always the funnest of work but its definitely worth it in the end. Tobin is naturally an outdoors type of person, so it would take a good roll of duct tape and some rope to keep him from a nice day in the sun. [/cell_text]