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Shane Deines


[cell_text]Shane Deines was born in longmont but moved several times until he was 8. Shane’s parents brought him to Longmont with them after much debate at age 8. After 4 years in the Navy, off on his own on the high seas, he moved back to Longmont. One of the reason’s Shane came back to Colorado was his love for all the outdoor activities and variety of nature found here.  Shane also likes to sleep at least once a day and can out eat a small army. He is the Head Coach at Integral CrossFit in Gunbarrell and also an Olympic Weightlifting coach. Shane says the best thing about Firefighting is the camaraderie within the group.  And he likes all the super sweet gear all 5 year old boys wish they had, and we play with fire (Responsibly). [/cell_text]