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Ryland Gardner


[cell_text]Ryland Gardner moved to the west after college and has lived in or near the Rocky Mountains since. Ryland has a Master of Arts from Prescott College in Natural Science and Environmental Education and his passion for the natural history and ecology of the Rockies compliments his passion for backcountry skiing, climbing, and sharing the magic of wild places with his students and clients. In addition to working in the graduate program at Prescott College, Ryland also works teaching wilderness medicine for the Wilderness Medicine Institute, ski guiding for Paragon guides in the 10th mountain backcountry hut system and as a senior instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) leading trips up to a month in length. Ryland also works for NOLS Professional Training facilitating and teaching corporate and custom courses for clients including Google, the National Wildland Fire Academy, the Nature Conservancy and others. Ryland has been a Wilderness EMT since 1994 and currently works as a volunteer firefighter/EMT for Lyons Fire in Lyons, CO. When he is not guiding or playing with matches, he can be found doing carpentry work in Boulder or off on an adventure with his wife Shari and their two boys Nate and Robbie. [/cell_text]



[cell_text]Ryland volunteers to be a patient during some mountain rescue training.[/cell_text]