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Rich Palestro


[cell_text]Rich Palestro, aka Looch, is a transplant from Queens, NY and has been in Colorado since 1977.  He started in the EMS service 19 years ago as a volunteer in Frederick, CO where he now lives with his wonderful family.  He has a son and a daughter who constantly keep him on his toes.  He currently works for the Colorado State Forest Service as a full time Engine Captain on a Type 6 Engine.  His main passion is in wildland fire which he has been involved in since 2001.  During his off time, he works for his wifes mitigation company as a consultant and a technical tree faller.  He also teaches several wildland fire classes through out the year.  Looch joined Lyons Fire in 2004 because he liked the idea of a small town department that was so connected to the community. [/cell_text]




[cell_text]Rich takes command of low-angle rescue training[/cell_text]