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Mike Priess


[cell_text]Michael Priess was born in Michigan, grew up in Illinois and now lives in Lyons, Colorado. He moved here from Boulder in 2001. Michael is married and has a son, who he enjoys skiing with during the winter. The rest of the year, Michael and his family travels when they can. He also enjoys biking, reading, history, aviation, transportation, as well as a variety of other things. When Michael is not working at the Lyons Fire Protection District, he is a data base administrator for a large insurance company based in Illinois. He has been a member of the Lyons Fire Protection District since July of 2001 and also serves on the Pension Board for the association. [/cell_text]



[cell_text]Mike Priess oversees some new recruits with vehicle rescue training[/cell_text]



[cell_text]Mike Priess, center, makes sure the HazMat Decon Team has a water supply to decontaminate firefighters after a barn full of chemicals caught fire.[/cell_text]