Nicole Palestro

Nicole Palestro | Lyons Fire Protection District

Nicole Palestro has lived in Colorado all her life and has had no desire to live anywhere else. At the present time she is the majority owner of a mitigation company, Healthy Forest Mitigation, so she is usually cutting down trees from 8 to 5 seven days a week. Nicole is married with two children ages 21 and 17. She could say 3 children if you include her husband. When she does find free time, she loves to hang out with her kids, garden, teach new wildland firefighters and be a pain to her husband, Rich. She joined Lyons Fire because she wanted to be involved in a fire department.  Nicole loves the comradery and feels most of the volunteers she meets are really great people. When asked about volunteering for Lyons, Nicole stated, “I also enjoy being a part of a small community.  When small towns, like Frederick, get bigger they tend to lose a lot of their charm.”

Nicole leads her crew during a prescribed burn on the Hall Ranch