Dustin Easley

Lt Dustin Easley | Lyons Fire Protection District

Dustin Easley has lived in Lyons since 2002, where he graduated from Lyons Middle/Senior High. He works year-round on the mitigation crew helping to reduce the potential fire danger within the fire district. In his free time, he enjoys tubing, fishing, target shooting, snowboarding, camping and pretty much anything that keeps him outdoors. Dustin also aids in the training of new firefighters, as he is very familiar with the LFPD district and policies.

Dustin takes a breather after extinguishing a grass fire.

Dustin enjoys all aspects of training, such as this low angle rescue training off Highway 36.

Eric Bennett, far left, and Dustin Easley, Middle, exit the decontamination tent in their “bunny suits” after having been cleared by the Boulder County HazMat Team.

Utility Vehicle 4051 | Lyons Fire Protection District

Dustin Showing the other crews where to go!