Paul Davidovich

Asst Chief Paul Davidovich | Lyons Fire Protection District

Assistant Chief Paul Davidovich arrived in Lyons area summer 2004. Paul retired from the Marine Corps in 2000. He then took his skills as a professional helicopter pilot to Bell Helicopters in Patuxent River, MD. He and his wife, Maureen, moved to Lyons to build their custom log home. Paul and Maureen shave their mountain home with their spoiled dog. When not at the firehouse Paul can be found doing district tasks for the department, fixing broken equipment and training the new firefighters. He enjoys welding and other hands on mechanical work when he manages to find free time away from the fire department. LFPD is lucky to have Assistant Chief Davidovich.

Paul checks for spot fires during a wildfire

Rich Palestro (left), Paul Davidovich (middle) and JJ Hoffman (right) watch their fellow volunteer firefighters learn the ins and outs of vehicle extrication

Paul digs out burning roots on a summer wildfire during the mop-up phase, after this grass fire had been extinguished

Patrick Martin

Patrick Martin | Lyons Fire Protection District

Patrick Martin grew up in the sleepy little town of Pacific Palisades, California.
After high school, he moved to Ventura County where he lived and managed a
200-acre ranch and spent his days farming hay, feeding pigs and collecting eggs
to sell to the local markets in town. In July of 2013, his girlfriend dragged him all
the way to Boulder, Colorado. Patrick wasn’t too happy about the move at first.
However, an interest in firefighting and helping others lead Patrick to complete an
EMT certification class—which changed everything! Hoping to get involved with
a department, Patrick was blessed to find LFPD in February of 2014. Since joining
the department, Patrick has met and has the honor of working along side some
of the greatest (and most talented) people he has ever known. LFPD has made
Patrick an even better person, and has given him the opportunity to obtain several
certifications such as Swiftwater Rescue, Wildland Firefighter, and he is now in the
process of completing the Firefighter 1 academy, which he will finish in November
of 2014. He loves being a volunteer firefighter and he hopes to eventually make
it his full time career. Patrick loves the town of Lyons (where he now lives!) and
helping all the great people who live in it.

Allan Sheeley

Allan Sheeley | Lyons Fire Protection District

Allan moved to the Colorado front-range area from the flat, humid, swampy suburbs of Washington, D.C. in 2004 after finishing an undergraduate degree in Biology. It was a very good decision. After bouncing around Boulder County for about ten years, Allan joined Lyons Fire in February 2014, and moved to Lyons in July 2014. Since joining the department, Allan has earned EMT, Firefighter 1, HAZMAT Technician, Swiftwater Rescue, and Ice Rescue certifications.

Allan’s primary interests include: hitting an enormous tire with a sledge hammer, eating donuts, and walking his dog, Phoenix (AKA CHOMPA). You are also likely to see Allan on the Hall and Picture Rock trails, on a white Yeti 575 mountain bike, re-caffeinating at the Barking Dog, or eating cheeseburgers at the Fork with fellow firefighter and neighbor Gregory Schrodt.

If you see him around town, say Hi!

Gregory Schrodt

Gregory Schrodt | Lyons Fire Protection District

Gregory was born and raised in Springfield IL, and moved to Lyons in January of 2001. As an avid outdoorsman, he spends a lot of time biking, hiking, camping, and exploring in the Colorado mountains. Gregory joined Lyons Fire in June of 2013 and has completed EMT training, Wildland Fire certification, Swiftwater rescue, and other fire and medical related classes. Gregory works during the day at Grace Design in Lyons, which allows him to always be ready to respond to any type of emergency call that may arise in the community.


Evan Patronik

Evan Patronik | Lyons Fire Protection District

Evan grew up in the western panhandle of Maryland, spending most of his childhood exploring woods,
building treehouses, and eating paint chips. Despite the obvious detriments to his psyche from the
paint, he attended the University of Maryland where he earned his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in
Fire Protection Engineering. He slaved away for a year and a half at a design firm before he realized a
lifetime spent behind a desk was not his cup of tea and in a brazen move to pursue a life of excitement,
he moved to the US Virgin Islands. For 3 years he sailed, surfed, free dove, and adventured, earning his
Captain’s license and accruing countless stories with which he constantly attempts to regale his fellow
fire fighters, always beginning the same way, “Living in the islands!…”
After the fill of sun and fun, he returned to the mother land to be with family and then pursue the
next adventure, which ultimately became co-founding a hand-made, hollow wooden surf and stand up
paddleboard business in the sleepy town of Lyons. This lead him to the LFPD and its great group of
volunteers who welcomed him with open arms  just the way Evan likes it.
He has been with the department since February of 2013, earning his FF1 credentials along with
Wildland and Swift Water 1, 2, and Trainer certs. At the station, Evan can often be found barefoot,
shirtless, and laughing, clearly a reoccurring issue from his childhood paint chip diet. He plans on
pursuing volunteer fire fighting for the rest of his capable life, whether a career in the field becomes a
decision or not.

Evan would like to thank the LFPD and its amazing team for becoming a second home and new family.
He is proud to work alongside his fellow fire fighters, through laughter and stress, turmoil and success,
and feels honored to have been brought into such an incredible organization.

Taylor Triolo

Lt Taylor Triolo | Lyons Fire Protection District

Taylor is a full time wildland firefighter for the Colorado State Forest Service. He started working with the state in January of 2009. He was with Berthoud Fire as a volunteer for about 5 years. He joined Lyons Fire Protection District to be a part of a true volunteer fire department. Berthoud Fire has gone to a career department and Taylor wanted to give back to the community by continuing to be a volunteer firefighter. He is a Colorado native, born in Boulder. He likes to participate in Martial Arts and in the summer, when Taylor is not on a fire dispatch, he can be found fishing with his wife, Melanie!

Taylor works on falling trees during a wildfire

Taylor shows off his martial arts skills

Natalie Varnet

Natalie Varnet | Lyons Fire Protection District

I have lived in Colorado all my life. I grew up with 5 siblings in Monument, CO. I moved up to Boulder County 3 years ago and I am currently a Junior at the University of Colorado in Boulder studying Integrative Physiology and Psychology. I’ve wanted to be a fire fighter for as long as I can remember. I joined the department about 7 months ago. This was best decision I have ever made. I am the first person in my family to pursue fire fighting. After graduating CU, I intend to pursue a career in fire service. I love hiking, running and anything out doors.

Dustin Easley

Lt Dustin Easley | Lyons Fire Protection District

Dustin Easley has lived in Lyons since 2002, where he graduated from Lyons Middle/Senior High. He works year-round on the mitigation crew helping to reduce the potential fire danger within the fire district. In his free time, he enjoys tubing, fishing, target shooting, snowboarding, camping and pretty much anything that keeps him outdoors. Dustin also aids in the training of new firefighters, as he is very familiar with the LFPD district and policies.

Dustin takes a breather after extinguishing a grass fire.

Dustin enjoys all aspects of training, such as this low angle rescue training off Highway 36.

Eric Bennett, far left, and Dustin Easley, Middle, exit the decontamination tent in their “bunny suits” after having been cleared by the Boulder County HazMat Team.

Utility Vehicle 4051 | Lyons Fire Protection District

Dustin Showing the other crews where to go!

Drew Gettel

Drew Gettel | Lyons Fire Protection District

Drew Gettel born and raised on a hog farm in Boulder County, began as a volunteer firefighter in 2009. In 2011 joined the Lyons Fire Protection District and is now a Structure, Wildland firefighter and EMT. He now works for Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control and is stationed at Lyons Fire. In his free time he enjoys going to the Mountains, fishing and four wheeling.

Michael Priess

Capt Michael Priess | Lyons Fire Protection District

Michael Priess was born in Michigan, grew up in Illinois and now lives in Lyons, Colorado. He moved here from Boulder in 2001. Michael is married and has a son, who he enjoys skiing with during the winter. The rest of the year, Michael and his family travels when they can. He also enjoys biking, reading, history, aviation, transportation, as well as a variety of other things. When Michael is not working at the Lyons Fire Protection District, he is a data base administrator for a large insurance company based in Illinois. He has been a member of the Lyons Fire Protection District since July of 2001 and also serves on the Pension Board for the association.

Mike Priess oversees some new recruits with vehicle rescue training Mike Priess, center, makes sure the HazMat Decon Team has a water supply to decontaminate firefighters after a barn full of chemicals caught fire.

J. J. Hoffman

Chief JJ Hoffman | Lyons Fire Protection District

Chief J.J. Hoffman, a Colorado native, is a forth generation firefighter in his family. J.J. has spent his whole life around the “fire business” He has worked both as a volunteer firefighter as well as a paid firefighter over the last 24 years of his life which included working as a regional wildland firefighter for many years, battling wildfires in numerous states across the U.S. He started his own landscape business that he ran for 20+ years that turned into one of the most desired companies in Boulder County and surrounding counties throughout the state. He was very well known for building natural water falls, including lakes and streams as well as outdoor patios and walls.

He has had a very event full life besides firefighting, for many years he worked as an international sales agent selling horses oversees, some of which became world champions in the European market place. He has spent his entire life in a ranching and farming environment and surrounded by horses all his life, for which many years he showed horses all through the United States. He has also spent most of his life –self teaching himself to be a “jack of all trades” so to speak and only a master of a few, ha ha!!!

He really enjoys the outdoors, including hunting and fishing. He is finally engaged after 10 years, with someday… maybe soon hopefully (his fiancée would tell you) popping the question!

Pursuing a life in the fire industry- J.J. is a graduate from different classes at the National Fire Academy in Maryland, as well as numerous other areas in the field such as fire investigation, extrication, EMS, Incident Command and Management, fire suppression, rescue and many more!

J.J. has enjoyed all the years in the fire service serving along side the brotherhood and sisterhood family that he has gained and looks forward to many more eventful years to come!

Chief (far right) discusses the dangers of mountain driving and motor vehicle accidents, such as this accident on the North Saint Vrain

J.J. oversees some low angle rescue training

Chief Hoffman (far left) explains some additional techniques for extricating trapped victims of motor vehicle accidents Chief Hoffman at the High Park Fire.

David Roth

Capt David Roth

David Roth has lived on the front range of Colorado since 1988 while he was attending Colorado State University working on his graduate degree in chemistry. He moved to Lyons in 1994 and joined LFPD in 1998. He currently works at the US Geological Survey as a research chemist. He is married with 3 children. David enjoys hunting and fishing as well as hiking and rafting with his family and friends. He takes pleasure in the work he does but find volunteering on the fire department and giving back to the community especially rewarding.

Jon Stambaugh

Jon Stambaugh | Lyons Fire Protection District

Jon Stambaugh started firefighting in Alpharetta GA, at the age of 21. He is starting his 4th year as a firefighter. He is Wildland certified, FF1 certified, Swift Water I certified. He enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his son.     

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Jake Dickes

Jake Dickes

Firefighter with the Lyons Fire Protection District

Linda Crane

Linda Crane

Firefighter with the Lyons Fire Protection District

Kirk Garrison

Kirk Garrison

Firefighter with the Lyons Fire Protection District

Anne Reid

Anne Reid

Firefighter with the Lyons Fire Protection District

Brian Vasel

Brian Vasel | Lyons Fire Protection District

Brian Vasel grew up about an hour west of Manhattan in a small northern New Jersey lake community. He moved to Colorado in 1995 with a hankering for deep powder and completed an environmental biology degree at University of Colorado Boulder in 1999.  Brian spent a lot of time on “The Ice” having made 9 trips to Antarctica and “wintering over” during two 9-month long winter seasons at the South Pole to help maintain a long-term climate research facility for NOAA. Brian and family (wife Sarah, son Alder, daughter Allya) moved to Lyons in June 2015 and he joined LFPD in September.  He enjoys the mountain playground that surrounds Lyons and can be found around town with the family, on local mountain bike trails, camping, hiking, and skiing the trees for deep snow.  Brian is proud to be a LFPD firefighter and considers himself lucky to be living in Lyons and serving the community.

Scott Johnson

Lyons Fire Protection District

Firefighter with the Lyons Fire Protection District

Marya Washburn

Marya Washburn | Lyons Fire Protection District

Originally from Minnesota, Marya Washburn moved to Colorado to be closer to the mountains and rivers of the Rockies. When not volunteering as a firefighter, Marya works with adjudicated youth in the northern front range. Marya has been a Wilderness First Responder and Swiftwater Rescue Tech for over a decade. She enjoys the camaraderie of the fire department and also feels that it is a great way to give back to a community. Marya is an avid outdoorswoman who has adventured all over the Americas; living as far south as Punta Arenas in Chile to as far north as the Yukon Territory of Canada.

Andrew Dutchman

Andrew Dutchman | Lyons Fire Protection District

Andrew Dutchman grew up in Del Mar, California, on the coast, surfing and being a typical CA kid. Started college in 2009 with interest in firefighting as a possible career path, after spending time with a friend’s dad who was a crew chief for Cal Fires Chopper 2. Immediately began schooling in Fire Science and Emergency Management at Palomar College in San Diego. Moved to Colorado in the winter of 2013 to start EMT school and fell in love with the state. Found out I could get my first real foot in the door with firefighting by volunteering at Lyons Fire.

Zach Hart

Zach Hart | Lyons Fire Protection District

Zach Hart joined LFPD in September 2011. Zach was born and raised in Longmont, Colorado and is still living in Longmont. He and his wife, Stephane, built a brand new house 8 years ago and live in with their two furry dog-kids, Sadie and Charlie. Zach enjoys playing golf and Scuba diving on his free time. Zach is currently working with a construction company building houses, remodeling, and pretty much anything to keep him busy. He is proud to be a LFPD Firefighter/EMT and really loves the community of Lyons.

Tobin Blythe

Tobin Blythe | Lyons Fire Protection District

Tobin Blythe was born in Longmont, Colorado somewhere around 1992, he’s not quite sure cause he doesn’t remember that far back but thats the supposed story. For now he is a full-time student at Front Range community college heading for a Bachelors in nursing (however long that may take). He also works at Nicolos pizza for his family. He is not married or engaged or anything but time will eventually take care of that one for him hopefully! In the days that he actually has time off, he is usually outside tearing cars apart and rebuilding them; its not always the funnest of work but its definitely worth it in the end. Tobin is naturally an outdoors type of person, so it would take a good roll of duct tape and some rope to keep him from a nice day in the sun.

Monique Hein

Monique Hein | Lyons Fire Protection District

Monique “Mo” joined Lyons Fire in 2010, with the desire to help the community and to gain the knowledge and experience of emergency services. Her passion is understanding and managing wildland fires. When she is not volunteering, Monique enjoys spending her time in the outdoors fishing and hunting. In addition to wildland certifications, Monique is also a certified EMT and Structure Firefighter.

Joan Ferris

Joan Ferris | Lyons Fire Protection District

Joan, a native of Long Island, moved to Colorado in January 2007, searching for new adventure. Inspired by the events of 9/11 and her own father, who has been a volunteer firefighter for over 30 years, Joan joined the LFPD crew in November 2007. Always up for a new challenge, Joan describes this as one of her best decisions thus far! She enjoys all aspects of being a member at LFPD; the comradery, participation in training opportunities, and providing assistance to members of the community when the need arises. Joan also enjoys providing care to our four-legged family members, by working as a veterinary technician at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. When not helping animals or the community of Lyons, Colorado, Joan enjoys hiking and running with her black labrador, Ashley, Crossfit and horseback riding.

Joan was obviously enjoying our day of extrication training.

Braden Roecker

Braden Roecker | Lyons Fire Protection District

Braden Roecker also known as “Awesome” or “Da Man” is a trained good looking Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician-Basic with I.V. He has been with Lyons Fire Protection District since 2008.

He currently works for Budweiser, as a welder and in maintenance tech. He also does some side welding jobs and has customized many of the LFPD vehicles and signs.

Braden has been married since June of 2002 and has six beautiful kids. Why does he have six kids? Because he is Awesome!.

Rich Palestro

Rich Palestro | Lyons Fire Protection District

Rich Palestro, aka Looch, is a transplant from Queens, NY and has been in Colorado since 1977.  He started in the EMS service 19 years ago as a volunteer in Frederick, CO where he now lives with his wonderful family.  He has a son and a daughter who constantly keep him on his toes.  He currently works for the Colorado State Forest Service as a full time Engine Captain on a Type 6 Engine.  His main passion is in wildland fire which he has been involved in since 2001.  During his off time, he works for his wifes mitigation company as a consultant and a technical tree faller.  He also teaches several wildland fire classes through out the year.  Looch joined Lyons Fire in 2004 because he liked the idea of a small town department that was so connected to the community.

Rich takes command of low-angle rescue training

Nicole Palestro

Nicole Palestro | Lyons Fire Protection District

Nicole Palestro has lived in Colorado all her life and has had no desire to live anywhere else. At the present time she is the majority owner of a mitigation company, Healthy Forest Mitigation, so she is usually cutting down trees from 8 to 5 seven days a week. Nicole is married with two children ages 21 and 17. She could say 3 children if you include her husband. When she does find free time, she loves to hang out with her kids, garden, teach new wildland firefighters and be a pain to her husband, Rich. She joined Lyons Fire because she wanted to be involved in a fire department.  Nicole loves the comradery and feels most of the volunteers she meets are really great people. When asked about volunteering for Lyons, Nicole stated, “I also enjoy being a part of a small community.  When small towns, like Frederick, get bigger they tend to lose a lot of their charm.”

Nicole leads her crew during a prescribed burn on the Hall Ranch

Susan Suskiewich

Sue Suskiewich | Lyons Fire Protection District

Sue Suskiewich has been living by the North St. Vrain for more than 35 years. When, in the early 2000’s, wildland fires were flaring up close by, Sue found a great way of both connecting with, and serving the community by joining the fire department. Sue and her husband Jim are avid fly fishermen which leads them beyond Colorado to New Zealand on a regular basis.

Mick McMurtrey

Becoming a FireFighter, like most firefighters, has always been one of Mick’s life ambitions. Mick plans to stay with Lyons as long as possible. In his free time (vocabulary not in his vocabulary), Mick is an international contractor. His eclectic background and relentless drive allows Mick to continue to fulfill his life goals and ambitions.