J. J. Hoffman

Chief JJ Hoffman | Lyons Fire Protection District

Chief J.J. Hoffman, a Colorado native, is a forth generation firefighter in his family. J.J. has spent his whole life around the “fire business” He has worked both as a volunteer firefighter as well as a paid firefighter over the last 24 years of his life which included working as a regional wildland firefighter for many years, battling wildfires in numerous states across the U.S. He started his own landscape business that he ran for 20+ years that turned into one of the most desired companies in Boulder County and surrounding counties throughout the state. He was very well known for building natural water falls, including lakes and streams as well as outdoor patios and walls.

He has had a very event full life besides firefighting, for many years he worked as an international sales agent selling horses oversees, some of which became world champions in the European market place. He has spent his entire life in a ranching and farming environment and surrounded by horses all his life, for which many years he showed horses all through the United States. He has also spent most of his life –self teaching himself to be a “jack of all trades” so to speak and only a master of a few, ha ha!!!

He really enjoys the outdoors, including hunting and fishing. He is finally engaged after 10 years, with someday… maybe soon hopefully (his fiancée would tell you) popping the question!

Pursuing a life in the fire industry- J.J. is a graduate from different classes at the National Fire Academy in Maryland, as well as numerous other areas in the field such as fire investigation, extrication, EMS, Incident Command and Management, fire suppression, rescue and many more!

J.J. has enjoyed all the years in the fire service serving along side the brotherhood and sisterhood family that he has gained and looks forward to many more eventful years to come!

Chief (far right) discusses the dangers of mountain driving and motor vehicle accidents, such as this accident on the North Saint Vrain

J.J. oversees some low angle rescue training

Chief Hoffman (far left) explains some additional techniques for extricating trapped victims of motor vehicle accidents Chief Hoffman at the High Park Fire.