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Gregory Schrodt

Gregory was born and raised in Springfield IL, and moved to Lyons in January of 2001. As an avid outdoorsman, he spends a lot of time biking, hiking, camping, and exploring in the Colorado mountains. Gregory joined Lyons Fire in June of 2013 and has completed EMT training, Wildland Fire certification, Swiftwater rescue, and other fire and medical related classes. Gregory works during the day at Grace Design in Lyons, which allows him to always be ready to respond to any type of emergency call that may arise in the community.


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Dzuy Than

A first generation born American to Vietnamese parents, Dzuy found his caling to the fire service while owning & operating a landscaping business after obtaining his degree in International Business.  As he enjoys climbing, snowboarding, hiking 14ers, four wheeling & traveling abroad, his cubicle internship proved it couldn’t  contain his energy for the outdoors & adventure.

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Join Our Crew …



Lyons Fire is staffed by an all-volunteer force with a full time Fire Chief. Lyons Fire responds to a range of emergency incidents including: structural fire, technical rescue, search and rescue, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, natural disaster response, and wildland fires. The District has two stations where volunteers report to staff applicable apparatus for emergency response.

The primary station (Station 1) is located in the town of Lyons, and Station 2 is located near the Blue Mountain area of Larimer County. The district responds to and is aided by other nearby agencies for incidents beyond the equipment and personnel capabilities of a single district. Mutual Aid Agreements are in place, primarily for structural fires not served by fire hydrant systems, expanded wildland fire, technical rescue, and advanced life support medical services.

Now does this sound like the kind of place you want to donate your free time, support a wonderful community and help those in need? If so, please feel free to fill out an application by clicking the links below or contacting Mike Marzano, our recruitment and retention officer.




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Evan Patronik

Evan grew up in the western panhandle of Maryland, spending most of his childhood exploring woods,

building treehouses, and eating paint chips. Despite the obvious detriments to his psyche from the

paint, he attended the University of Maryland where he earned his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in

Fire Protection Engineering. He slaved away for a year and a half at a design firm before he realized a

lifetime spent behind a desk was not his cup of tea and in a brazen move to pursue a life of excitement,

he moved to the US Virgin Islands. For 3 years he sailed, surfed, free dove, and adventured, earning his

Captain’s license and accruing countless stories with which he constantly attempts to regale his fellow

fire fighters, always beginning the same way, “Living in the islands!…”

After the fill of sun and fun, he returned to the mother land to be with family and then pursue the

next adventure, which ultimately became co-founding a hand-made, hollow wooden surf and stand up

paddleboard business in the sleepy town of Lyons. This lead him to the LFPD and its rag tag group of

mangy volunteers who welcomed him with open arms and plenty of sarcasm, just the way Evan likes

it. He has been with the department since February of 2013, earning his FF1 credentials along with

Wildland and Swift Water 1, 2, and Trainer certs. At the station, Evan can often be found barefoot,

shirtless, and laughing, clearly a reoccurring issue from his childhood paint chip diet. He plans on

pursuing volunteer fire fighting for the rest of his capable life, whether a career in the field becomes a

decision or not.

Evan would like to thank the LFPD and its amazing team for becoming a second home and new family.

He is proud to work alongside his fellow fire fighters, through laughter and stress, turmoil and success,

and feels honored to have been brought into such an incredible organization.

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Andrew Dutchman

Andrew Dutchman grew up in Del Mar, California, on the coast, surfing and being a typical CA kid. Started college in 2009 with interest in firefighting as a possible career path, after spending time with a friend’s dad who was a crew chief for Cal Fires Chopper 2. Immediately began schooling in Fire Science and Emergency Management at Palomar College in San Diego. Moved to Colorado in the winter of 2013 to start EMT school and fell in love with the state. Found out I could get my first real foot in the door with firefighting by volunteering at Lyons Fire.

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Marya Washburn



Originally from Minnesota, Marya Washburn moved to Colorado to be closer to the mountains and rivers of the Rockies. When not volunteering as a firefighter, Marya works with adjudicated youth in the northern front range. Marya has been a Wilderness First Responder and Swiftwater Rescue Tech for over a decade. She enjoys the camaraderie of the fire department and also feels that it is a great way to give back to a community. Marya is an avid outdoorswoman who has adventured all over the Americas; living as far south as Punta Arenas in Chile to as far north as the Yukon Territory of Canada.