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Flood Advisory

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Advisory for the St. Vrain Creek at Lyons. Warm temperatures and snow melt has resulted in a rise of the creeks. Minor flooding can be expected along the St. Vrain Creek at Lyons and downstream towards Longmont. Persons with interests along these rivers are urged to use caution. Avoid flooded areas and stay clear of river banks that could become unstable due to high flows.

Threats or hazards could include debris dams, bank overtopping, water escaping due to blow outs or avulsions, bridges or culverts plugged etc. If these hazards are found please report them to 911. Appropriate law enforcement or fire personnel will respond out to assess the situation.

Residents may also observe bank erosion in areas along with more trees coming down into the stream due to the erosion.

Lyons Fire will have crews continue to monitor stream flows as well as watching areas of concern at this time and throughout the weekend. Crews will also be doing night patrols to read stream gauges.

We will continue to update.

Stay safe,
Chief Hoffman