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Dee Ryen


[cell_text]Deanna (Dee) Ryen began working for the district as the Recording Secretary in October of 2008. She and her husband moved to Colorado in 2004 from Chicago-land. Her family moved here as well, although they moved from northern Wisconsin. Her father still lives with her and her husband and they assist with his care. Every chance she gets, she loves to go up in the mountains to go hiking, off-roading , camping, basically anything outdoors. She has quite a history of "accident-prone-ness" so she has avoided certain activities like rafting. However, she now has accident insurance so that is one of the things she will be trying. [/cell_text]



[cell_text]Dee takes a break during a summer adventure to pose for the camera[/cell_text]



[cell_text]Anniversary Photo of Dee and her husband[/cell_text]