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Natalie Varnet

I have lived in Colorado all my life. I grew up with 5 siblings in Monument, CO. I moved up to Boulder County 3 years ago and I am currently a Junior at the University of Colorado in Boulder studying Integrative Physiology and Psychology. I’ve wanted to be a fire fighter for as long as I can remember. I joined the department about 7 months ago. This was best decision I have ever made. I am the first person in my family to pursue fire fighting. After graduating CU, I intend to pursue a career in fire service. I love hiking, running and anything out doors.

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Gregory Schrodt

Gregory was born and raised in Springfield IL, and moved to Lyons in January of 2001. As an avid outdoorsman, he spends a lot of time biking, hiking, camping, and exploring in the Colorado mountains. Gregory joined Lyons Fire in June of 2013 and has completed EMT training, Wildland Fire certification, Swiftwater rescue, and other fire and medical related classes. Gregory works during the day at Grace Design in Lyons, which allows him to always be ready to respond to any type of emergency call that may arise in the community.


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Evan Patronik

Evan grew up in the western panhandle of Maryland, spending most of his childhood exploring woods,

building treehouses, and eating paint chips. Despite the obvious detriments to his psyche from the

paint, he attended the University of Maryland where he earned his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in

Fire Protection Engineering. He slaved away for a year and a half at a design firm before he realized a

lifetime spent behind a desk was not his cup of tea and in a brazen move to pursue a life of excitement,

he moved to the US Virgin Islands. For 3 years he sailed, surfed, free dove, and adventured, earning his

Captain’s license and accruing countless stories with which he constantly attempts to regale his fellow

fire fighters, always beginning the same way, “Living in the islands!…”

After the fill of sun and fun, he returned to the mother land to be with family and then pursue the

next adventure, which ultimately became co-founding a hand-made, hollow wooden surf and stand up

paddleboard business in the sleepy town of Lyons. This lead him to the LFPD and its rag tag group of

mangy volunteers who welcomed him with open arms and plenty of sarcasm, just the way Evan likes

it. He has been with the department since February of 2013, earning his FF1 credentials along with

Wildland and Swift Water 1, 2, and Trainer certs. At the station, Evan can often be found barefoot,

shirtless, and laughing, clearly a reoccurring issue from his childhood paint chip diet. He plans on

pursuing volunteer fire fighting for the rest of his capable life, whether a career in the field becomes a

decision or not.

Evan would like to thank the LFPD and its amazing team for becoming a second home and new family.

He is proud to work alongside his fellow fire fighters, through laughter and stress, turmoil and success,

and feels honored to have been brought into such an incredible organization.

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Andrew Dutchman

Andrew Dutchman grew up in Del Mar, California, on the coast, surfing and being a typical CA kid. Started college in 2009 with interest in firefighting as a possible career path, after spending time with a friend’s dad who was a crew chief for Cal Fires Chopper 2. Immediately began schooling in Fire Science and Emergency Management at Palomar College in San Diego. Moved to Colorado in the winter of 2013 to start EMT school and fell in love with the state. Found out I could get my first real foot in the door with firefighting by volunteering at Lyons Fire.

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Victor Oliveira

Victor moved to Colorado from Long Island, NY with his fiancée, Desiree
and their dog, Niko in 2012.  The trio quickly embraced the Colorado
outdoors and adventurous lifestyle this beautiful state has to offer.
After settling in, Victor began pursuing his passion for firefighting.
He first became an EMT, completed several fire fighting certifications
and last winter was offered a position as a Lyons Firefighter Recruit.
Victor truly loves all aspects of the “job” and is working towards
becoming a career firefighter. He is honored to be a part of Lyons fire,
where he has the opportunity to learn, improve his skills and work
alongside such dedicated and caring fellow firefighters.

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Patrick Martin

Patrick Martin grew up in the sleepy little town of Pacific Palisades, California.

After high school, he moved to Ventura County where he lived and managed a

200-acre ranch and spent his days farming hay, feeding pigs and collecting eggs

to sell to the local markets in town. In July of 2013, his girlfriend dragged him all

the way to Boulder, Colorado. Patrick wasn’t too happy about the move at first.

However, an interest in firefighting and helping others lead Patrick to complete an

EMT certification class—which changed everything! Hoping to get involved with

a department, Patrick was blessed to find LFPD in February of 2014. Since joining

the department, Patrick has met and has the honor of working along side some

of the greatest (and most talented) people he has ever known. LFPD has made

Patrick an even better person, and has given him the opportunity to obtain several

certifications such as Swiftwater Rescue, Wildland Firefighter, and he is now in the

process of completing the Firefighter 1 academy, which he will finish in November

of 2014. He loves being a volunteer firefighter and he hopes to eventually make

it his full time career. Patrick loves the town of Lyons (where he now lives!) and

helping all the great people who live in it.

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Allan Sheeley

Allan moved to the Colorado front-range area from the flat, humid, swampy suburbs of Washington, D.C. in 2004. It was a very good decision. After bouncing around Boulder County for the last ten years, Allan joined Lyons Fire in February 2014, and moved to Lyons in July 2014. Allan’s primary interests include: Hitting an enormous tire with a sledge hammer, eating donuts, and walking his dog, Phoenix (AKA CHOMPA). You are also likely to see Allan on the Hall and Picture Rock trails, on a white Yeti 575 mountain bike, or recaffeinating at the Barking Dog. If you see him around town, say hi!

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Mick McMurtrey

Becoming a FireFighter, like most firefighters, has always been one of Mick’s life ambitions. Mick plans to stay with Lyons as long as possible. In his free time (vocabulary not in his vocabulary), Mick is an international contractor. His eclectic background and relentless drive allows Mick to continue to fulfill his life goals and ambitions.

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K.C. Cunningham

K.C. Cunningham from Santa Cruz, California, set a goal of becoming a career paramedic firefighter. She started by becoming nationally registered as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and began to do ride alongs all around. KC decided to move to Colorado to be closer with her family and to start applying to local departments. After being introduced to Lyons Fire Protection District she knew this was a great place to meet people with the same passions she embraces. She is excited to be gaining amazing experiences everyday with being a part of LFPD.